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All delicacies at one table

The most delicious domestic ingredients and some Central European atmosphere – at Puistola, you can enjoy the most impressive meals of the block. Our kitchen offers unique dishes for even the most demanding food lovers. Check out our menu and the philosophy behind it!

Reserve a table

Pureness and northernness are matters of honor for us. On our menu you will not only find plenty of local food made of seasonal ingredients but also flavors from other corners of the world. At Puistola, you can reserve a table for lunch or dinner. Our local partners include the Viskaali farm in Muhos, Myllymäen Karitsa at the heart of Pyhäsalmi, the Sovisalo farm in Siikalatva and Hannu Kuha and their fish from Ii.

We at Puistola cherish craftsmanship and the professionalism and experience of our kitchen staff. That’s why we can proudly offer the best possible dish for each food lover who sits down at our table.