Artisan Pizza

Damn good pizza

Pizza To Go: Treat yourself with our takeaway pizza

You can also get some damn good pizza to go. Enjoying our delicacies as takeout is easy, as you can order pizzas over the phone and pick them up quickly from the restaurant – without queuing or waiting!

Order the Puistola artisan pizzas on the phone:

020 792 8210

and pick up your order at the restaurant!

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The foundation of our pizza is the 24
hour biga, naturally raised dough and
the wheat flour we import from Italy.
In Mantova, Molino Magri grinds flour
specifically for us, which guarantees
freshness and the highest quality. We
also import meat products from the
Italian producer Bedigno, including Parma
ham, Speck, Italian ham and salami, and
spicy Neapolitan sausage. The traditional
Neapolitan pizzas come with tomato sauce;
the Napoli White pizzas on the other hand
are made without it.